Buying Property in the UK

Buying a property in the UK is safe and simple. Once you have negotiated and agreed a price with the vendor (via an Estate Agent) and secured your finances you will then instruct a Conveyancing Solicitor to commence the legal proceedings involved around your purchase.

The time between your offer and completion of the sale can take as little as 6 weeks depending on the circumstances of the sale. Assuming you have the monies in place and there are no complications after a survey of the property, it is a straightforward process which is handled between your solicitor and the vendor's solicitor. Contracts will be exchanged once all the checks are done and a 10% security deposit is paid by you, the purchaser. This deposit is non returnable should you wish to withdraw from the sale after this time. After the exchange has taken place, final monies are put in place and deeds prepared - the completion of the sale is the next and final step. The process is simple and protected and all monetary exchanges are done electronically.

EXPENSES for the Purchaser

Expenses related to the acquisition of property include:


  • Stamp duty varies depending on the purchase price of the property. If you are a 'Buy to Let' purchaser please note that the duties are higher. Your solicitor will handle the payment of your stamp duty as part of their service.

  • £0 - £125,000  - 0% 

  • £125,001 - £250,000  - 2%  

  • £250,001 - £925,000  - 5%  

  • £925,001 - £1.5 million - 10% 

  • £1,500,001+ - 12%



  • Solicitors fees can vary so we are happy to recommend some of the best in the UK.Conveyancing Solicitors will charge from around £500 upwards depending on the work involved.



  • Building Surveys (via a Chartered Surveyor) are highly recommended and a legal requirement for mortgage lenders.  



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